We are a conclave of content creators that have come together to champion diversity in the film industry by making it more accessible to independent artists. Creative Cypher has cultivated a network of tech -savvy multicultural millennials and Gen Xers who produce high-quality content and events. We provide a stage where diverse professionals can showcase their work, gain resources for project development and distribution, as well as education and mentor-ship.

In 2017, the Cypher launches its new incubator program to take artist's projects from concept to distribution. Through leadership and advocacy, we intend to show that diversifying the film-making workforce is not only the right thing to do but a business imperative.

Founded in Chicago, Creative Cypher has expanded services to Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York Miami, Austin, and Dallas. Within the three years, we’ve brought together more than 1500 artists, 150-plus companies, and have multiple projects in production, including more than 30 competing for our incubator program.

We have successfully piloted educational programs, including the White House initiative “Call to Arts” presented at Sundance Film Festival with the Hollywood Reporter, and hosted some of the best events showcasing Chicago’s diverse artistic talent.

With a network of hundreds of content creators and partnerships that include Donda’s House, SAG/AFTRA, Stage18, Free Spirit Media and Blue 1647, the Creative Cypher is changing the future of the film industry.



Creative Cypher celebrates the collective work of our artists by promoting their work at various networking and media events throughout the year.

We highlight the achievements and contributions of our artists through both signature and sponsor-held events below.




At Creative Cypher, we strive to educate, support, and mentor our members through ongoing artist development.

We are constantly seeking ways to provide educational resources for our artists, like our Script Coverage program, which provides useful feed back to writers on their work and our partnership with organizations like the International Screenwriter’s Association.

Through our film accelerator program, we provide our members with opportunities to participate in our exclusive conservatory workshops, student internships, production fellowships, and panel discussions that are led by sought-after industry insiders.



Partners &


The Creative Cypher provides members with access to professional production resources including, noted directors, writers, producers, editors and more, who specialize in providing high-quality production services (pre thru post) that meet industry standards. We also provide members a large network of content creators, fiscal sponsorship, and resources to collaborate and bring your with our projects to life.


Our partnerships include affiliations with SAG-Aftra, Cinespace Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, American Film Institute, 2112, Periscope, Donda’s House, and Free Spirit Media.