Pitch your production


Creative Cypher has supported several award-winning projects that have been funded and distributed on multiple platforms. We accept a select number of scripts the first seven days of each month to go through our Coverage program. Once your script has been approved  you will receive a confirmation and typically receive 3-5 reports.

Upon receiving approval from our coverage team we open a host services such as:  Script Development, Private/ Public Table Reads, Marketing, and Consulting in preparation to be presented for Financing, Production, and Distribution.



  •  We encourage you to register your concept with the Writers Guild of America West Registry.
  • The Creative Cypher must receive an Association Production credit for development services via official Creative Cypher logo and a "In Association with" title card.
  • No script will be considered without a completed and signed submission agreement. If a script is written by a writing team, it must be submitted with the written consent of the all credited authors.
  • All feature film scripts must be 90-120 pages and typed in 12pt Courier (or Courier Final Draft) with standard screenplay margins and spacing.
  • Pages must be numbered.
  • Scripts must be written in English.
  • Scripts must be the original work of the submitter(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or un-produced.
  • Submitted scripts must not be produced, sold or under option at the time of the submission.
  • The submitted script must be in Final Draft format (.fdx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and must be submitted electronically.
  • Current contact information must be included on the title page with every submitted script.

things to consider BEFORE SUBMITTING

1) Who is the protagonist?

2) What does he/she want more than anything in the World?

3) What are the clear obstacles in their way?

4) At what point does the  Protagonist decide to give up?

5) What makes them recommit to their goal?

6) What are the Stakes? 

7) What is the time clock that is pushing the pace of the story?

8) What does the protagonist get, greater than he/she thought they would, as a result of going forward? 


Creative Cypher is always on the move and our Development Team reviews new concepts on a monthly basis. We take your submission and intellectual property very seriously, which is why we only review concepts that have been submitted through this online submission process.

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