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owner / coo periscope
post and audio

“we have worked with creative cypher on multiple projects over the past year after meeting founder troy pryor. it is truly amazing the diverse group that makes up the cypher and the amount of creativity they demonstrate. there is something that every project has had in common, professionalism. every group of creatives that have walked into our studio has been organized, courteous and enjoyable to work with. the people that make up the cypher are always welcomed back at periscope post and audio and we look forward to every new project that they bring.”


oscar, grammy, golden globe, and soul train winning songwriter

“the creative cypher family has been a phenomenal resource to the community, and necessity for chicago. to see african-american actors, directors, and tech crews so organized and experts in thier field has been an inspration. creative cypher brings out the passion in every project they dive into, and i’m honored to be able to collaborate.”


founder of blue 1647

“the creative cypher is the town hall for chicago’s creative talent. there isn’t a major production in town where someone from the cypher isn’t represented. i’ve been fortunate to meet so many creative folks who are doing great work and willing to collaborate in ways to help make chicago the city it deserves to be. i’m excited now and can’t wait to see what collaborations come about years from now.”


a call to arts

“it is has been a positive and collaborative experience working with the creative cypher on a call to arts. as the industry evolves, technology advances, and barriers are breaking down, it is encouraging to know that creative cypher is leading the way for storytellers of tomorrow. we are proud that this organization was founded by a sag-aftra member and thrives to unite the community.”